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UNICA Bottle Reveal #IamnotperfectIamunique, Adolfo Domínguez

Published: Oct. 19, 2017

The new launch of Adolfo Domínguez Perfumes, the fragrance UNICA, a perfume delivered to the femininity escaping stereotypes and claiming a unique personality, which turns us into different people and makes us aware that there is no perfect beauty, on the contrary, imperfection does and as such we have to celebrate it.

And so, under the slogan #IamnotperfectIamunique, Adolfo Domínguez Perfumes speaks of the importance of highlighting those features that differentiate us from the rest and make us people with a unique beauty.

A unique cap for a unique fragrance.  Click on the following link to see it.  UNICA Bottle Reveal https://youtu.be/mHOKtQYwfrw

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