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AMG Moulds- Almogavers Moulds

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Plastic injection moulds in Barcelona

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AMG is a company with extensive experience in the DESIGN and MANUFACTURING of plastic, aluminium, zamack and MIM injection moulds.

We have the infrastructure and technology necessary to meet any need of our customers:

- Our team of professionals is highly qualified and committed to our goal.

- We are at the forefront in terms of state-of-the-art and modern production methods and work processes.

- All our works are supervised constantly by a strict quality control.

We offer to our clients the study and analysis of their project, the production of the 3D model of the mould, the development of the same, and the delivery service in their warehouses.

In AMG we are committed to safety, a job well done is the best guarantee of continuing to count on the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Please, contact us!

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Bilbao Street, 167 08018 Barcelona
Bilbao Street, 167 08018 Barcelona
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