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Published: June 7, 2018

CELOS® Uniformity. Continuity. Compatibility. CELOS® by DMG MORI - from the idea to the finished product. The CELOS® applications allow the user to manage, document and visualize in a general and digitized way order, process and machine data. CELOS® links the shop floor and higher business structures and thus creates the basis for a paperless, digitalised manufacturing process. CELOS® is compatible with PPS and ERP systems and can be interfaced with CAD/CAM applications. CELOS® is open for advanced application extensions. CELOS® as a clear means of information: CELOS® displays the current status of the machine or process and provides important reference data on the current order. CELOS® informs the operator about possible errors with special icons and text messages. 21.5" ERGOline® control with UNIFORMITY multi-touch display Homogeneous interface for all new high-tech machines from DMG MORI. CONTINUITY Comprehensive administration, documentation and display of order, process and machine data. COMPATIBILITY Compatible with PPS and ERP systems. Ability to connect to CAD / CAM products. Open for advanced extensions of CELOS® applications. Homogeneous interface with intuitive touch operation. On the one hand, as an independent system of controls and technologies, CELOS® optimizes the interaction between man and machine. The central elements are the new DMG MORI ERGOline® control terminal with 21.5" rotatable multi-touch screen in combination with a controlled and manageable user interface with icons. On the other hand, by means of task-specific software applications, CELOS® connects the local intelligence of the production area with external software solutions such as, for example, for CAD or CAM and with first-class corporate and production systems (ERP / PPS) - up to the possibility of interactive communication in global production worlds. Highlights: Multi-touch control panel for advanced operating convenience with unique CELOS® functionality with 21.5" ERGOline® with multi-touch display and MITSUBISHI or SIEMENS Possibility of continuous adjustment of display and SMARTkey® keypad: personalised operator authorisation. Access rights individually adapted to the control system and the new machine // With internal USB memory Keys for selecting the operating mode Authorisation key for machine functions for operating mode Homogeneous interface with intuitive touch operation.

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