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Published: Jan. 30, 2017

We extend our equipment with the new ELECTROEROSION ONA NX4F.

GUARANTEED DURABLE ACCURACY: Thanks to its mechanical conception of fixed bed, the weight of the piece rests directly on the frame of the machine. It has direct measurement of the positioning in the 3 axes by means of Minimal Linear Optical Rulers.

Mechanical fixed bed design: wide X- and Y-axis travels and high stability.

High-speed impulse technology, which allows the following results to be obtained:

  • Optimum machining times in challenging cleaning conditions.
  • Improved roughness homogeneity on large surfaces (225 cm² , VDI 20).
  • Possibility of making grooves of great depth with the maximum guarantees of quality and precision (VDI 20 up to 100 mm).

Generator with Expert Erosion System: 100% performance in unattended operation. Minimum final roughness: 0.1 µm Ra - 0 VDI.

SAAC (Surface AutomaticAdaptative Control) system that maximizes the efficiency of the generator in erosion works in which electrodes of evolutionary surfaces are used (especially electrodes that have little initial surface).

CNC WITH THE CAPACITY TO CONTROL UP TO 8 AXES. The CNC incorporates the A-SPACE function (Erosion axis in SPACE), which allows any programmable erosion function of the CNC (spheres, cones, orbitals, vectors, etc.) to be carried out in any direction of space.

Significant cost savings: the filter of the NX machines is fully automated and guarantees more than 10,000 working hours without any maintenance costs. The filtration quality is excellent (1 µm).

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